The company was founded with medical equipment and electronic devices as a scope of work

January 2005

Gaining first place in specialized counseling and medical and aesthetic design as a medical-engineering LTD.

2007 June

The company was vertically disintegrated into two separate divisions namely medical equipment and engineering devices.

February 2008

The company shifted the focus onto laser aesthetic systems, imaging systems, and skin and hair analysis and diagnosis systems.

June 2009

The company won the title of best selling imaging systems for skin and hair analysis.


Collaboration with related faculty departments regarding scholar studies.


Winning first place in data generation and training programs among other domestic companies.


Expanding activities in slimming and body shaping systems.

March 2014

Winning second place in IMED, after-sales services in 2013_2014, conferred upon by medical equipment department


Gaining title of best selling hair removal diode laser in domestic market.


Receiving international prize of Star quality for quality, technology, innovation, leadership.


Opening of physiotherapy and sports medicine featuring The German brand of schwa-medico.

Introducing first whole body EME with two applications in medicine and sport.

Introducing MTRS, a unique system for the treatment of lumbar and upper back pain.


Obtaining exclusive distributor from Bosona, Germany to treat strokes