shepco v2

SHEPCo was officially founded in 1382 and began it’s business with the aim of providing services in healthcare and medical devices

At the outset due to specialty of it’s founders and their familiarity with market demands and lack of competitiveness, the company sustained and launched it’s business on skin and hair equipment and medical lasers.

After 6 years, SHEPCo stood among 8 other biggest firms in the related field and became the main supplier of medical devices.

Since 1396, considering the remodeling of country ‘ s  population and effective communications, SHEPCo has decided to add physiotherapy and physical medicine and rehabilitation to it’s scope of work.

SHEPCo mainly engages in the following areas:

Specialized medical devices import

Technical support and quality surveillance of medical equipment

Healthcare start-up promotion and investment


Employing human resources experienced in different University majors including management, medical engineering, electronic engineering, industrial design and medical design was a bit help to company’s flourishing, great success and commercial survival.

Our specialized technical team including professional engineers and medical equipment specialists  give us the opportunity to manage our training and technical services with high standards which have brought us customers’ satisfaction and become our main source of income and it is accountable for our great source of strength


Comprehensive training programs provided by SHEPCo specialists, have always been of a considerable advantage to our customers in a related areas.