How does it work?

In this technique, Laser is used to melt fat.

A Laser beam is released through fiber connected to a microcannula.

The technique is very similar to UAL.

 Risks of bleeding and bruises involved are very low because the laser itself create the heat.

Nd:YAG laser was embedded in cannula for the first time. However, its impressive results fail to gain FDA approval.

Later on, many researchers have implemented laser fluency at various wavelength to diminish bleeding and bruises and to maintain skin firmness

SHEPCo Laser لیپولیز

Applied laser wavelengths:


Pulsed lasers with higher peak have more haemostasis effect in comparison to continuous lasers.

1470 wavelength has a crucial role in tightening of surrounding skin which later prevent skin sagging after fats being removed.


The heat effect stimulates collagen and elastin chains, therefore leaves the skin tone (texture) more desirable in contrast to conventional liposuction.

High absorption in fat

Long lasting effect after first session

Tightens the skin simultaneously

FDA approved

Applicable in different regions including: face, chin, abdomen, thighs, hips, buttocks, knees, arms



One therapy session only

Short procedure

 Less swellings and blisters

Topical anesthesia

Only a small hole needed to insert cannula (creates minimal scar)

Operable in a small sterilized room

Endurable procedure