Body reshaping: STIMA-WELL EMS muscle stimulation feature that can reach remote muscles such as the back and the legs makes the body reshaping possible in a very short period of time.

Metabolism speed up and weight loss:

Electrical pulses applied in this technique not only strengthen the muscles but also increase blood circulation which causes metabolism to boost ,as a result fat cells reduces and body starts to lose weight.  A particular type of pulse can be applied to remove resistant cellulite .

Two sets of 20 minutes of STIMA-WELL EMS trainings correspond to several hours a week conventional trainings.

SHEPCO therapy تقویت عضلات scaled

Scientific and clinical studies have acknowledged the efficiency of the trainings. The positive outcomes of  StimaWELL EMS trainings during only a few weeks are shown in the chart. These outcomes have been recorded in various studies.

In conventional trainings, electrical signals controlled by central nervous system stimulate contraction and muscle movement. In this way, muscle contraction is possible up to 60%

However, during StimaWELL EMS, external electrical pulses activate muscles. A muscle does not differentiate the brain-transmitted stimuli from electrode-transmitted stimuli. The muscle reacts to the stimuli by contraction! Depending on type of current, 100% muscle activation is possible with all main muscle groups. This is why EMS is so effective.

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