A) NdYag, pulse dye laser, PDL, Argon lasers are applied to treat vascular lesions including varicose (on face, organs, body), spider veins, vascular moles.

B) There are a number of lasers to treat skin moles and dark skin spots (blue or brown birthmarks), tattoos (blue, black, sometimes red), intense pigmented lesions, and melasma: Q-,Q-switch Ruby, Q-switch NdYag , Switch Alexandrite (comprising of double frequency and higher fluency ,Q-switch NdYag is more applicable )

SHEPCO Laser ضایعات رنگدانه ای

skin complexion will improve considerably after 2_6 repeated sessions of treatment  depending on a lesion type, lesion location depth and skin color. In short, a laser beam is applied to fragment the pigment. A laser pulse emits light with very high fluency (around 1000 m/j) in a very short time (less than 10 nanoseconds) which is then absorbed by the pigments of the cells targeted and causes them to be fragmented and destroyed.