Put your body on a fast lane. EMS trainings will get you perfect body in no time. We even implemented electrodes on the distant parts of the body such as the back.

SHEPCO Therapy طب ورزشی

The back

The Weak muscles of the back will particularly benefit from STIMA-WELL EMS trainings. Electrodes connected to the upper, middle, and lower parts, lead the current directly to the unreachable muscles of the back.



“Bio electronic “adjustable pulses from

STIMAWELL EMS ، reshape whole body regions. Considering all muscle groups training, you will reach your full performance potentials in a very short time.



STIMA- WELL EMS trainings boost the tissue blood circulation and an oxygen reservoir over time. Weight and fat loss occur and metabolism is activated. So the fat reservoir drops considerably before long.



STIMAWELL EMS trainings strengthen the connective tissue and fight off Cellulite. Specific current used by the program, stimulates collagen reconstruction and fends off the fat reservoir in thighs and hips.



STIMA-WELL EMS Slow massage and light electrical pulses induce absolute serenity, and heighten body potential to construct itself after a training session.

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